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Grant Guidelines and Eligibility


Grant Description Amount
Individual Artist Grant The goal of the Trust's Individual Artists Grant (IAG) program is to recognize and encourage developing and established Ely area artists with funding of up to $1000 to take advantage of an impending, concrete opportunity or specific development activity. The project must represent a unique, concrete opportunity that will have significant impact on the artists' career. up to $1,000
Organization PROJECT Grant The Trust's Project Grant program will support activities in the fine arts; defined as painting, drawing, design, sculpture, architecture, ceramics, glassworks, literature, film or other video recordings, and performing arts including but not limited to music, dance and theater. Grant support is intended to make it possible to present or produce a fine arts activity. up to $1000, as long as it provides clear documentation and receipts for money spent and may be required to submit a status report halfway through the project grant

over $1000, as long as it collaborates with another 501(c)3 organization to act as its fiscal sponsor.
Organization OPERATIONAL FUNDING Grant The Operational Funding Grant program provides grants to high-quality, established Ely-area arts organizations that produce or present fine arts activities or provide services to artists. varies, up to fifteen percent (15%) of the operating cash expenses for the most recently completed fiscal year
Youth Grant The Trust's Youth Grant will provide up to $750 for grade 6-12 students from Ely schools and Ely Homeschool students in zip codes 55731 and 55796 who demonstrate a high motivation in the fine arts. Grants will help young artists afford training opportunities through workshops, classes, lessons or mentorships. up to $750
Scholarship Scholarships are awarded to students majoring in one of the disciplines of the fine arts or library science. Scholarships may be granted to Ely Memorial High School graduates or an Ely area resident for the past five (5) years. Students must be in their third or fourth year of school or graduate level courses. Scholarships may be renewable. Effective 2022, scholarships will also be available for staff of the Ely Public Library that are pursuing coursework in Library Science. varies